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Essential Collection

The essential collection is just that - a small selection of the products which will outperform any rival product you may ever have tried!


Purge is a fallout remover which will outperform any other on the market. Not only does it work better, easier and more efficiently, but it doesn't stink like other fallout removers!

Hybrid is a unique quick detailer - gloss levels on a par with the best out there, but durability like more expensive spray sealants - it really is revolutionary.

And speaking of revolutionary - we cannot go any further without talking about Clearview - hands down the best glass cleaning product out there. It will amaze you just how easy it is to get perfectly clean, streak free results with little to no effort.

Also included is our introductory offer - a web exclusive.

It is the perfect introduction into the anachem automotive range with handy 1lt & 2lt sizes of our most popular products encompassing interior and exterior cleaning.

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