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Foam Cannon with 2lt UltraFoam Free

Product image 1Anachem Automotive Foam Cannon
Product image 2Foam Cannon with 2lt UltraFoam Free
Product image 3Foam Cannon with 2lt UltraFoam Free

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Finally... The wait is over!!!

We have spent time researching and speaking to several manufacturers to find the perfect foam cannon, and we truly believe we have found it.

We are confident that when paired with our fantastically well-received UltraFoam, you will be equally as impressed at the rich, thick foam it produces. 

We do things a bit different here at Anachem Automotive, and love to give value for money like nobody else is prepared to, so with every foam cannon, you will receive 2lt of UltraFoam for free!

Foaming is a vital part of the wash process to help reduce the risk of swirl marks and wash marring from occurring.

Foam allows longer dwell times of your pre-wash product which ensure the chemicals safely continue to work without the risk of drying out. It is also the most visually pleasing stage when you can see the dirt falling off, often forming a dirty cappuccino style 'crema' on the ground to show you exactly what is being safely removed from your vehicle bodywork.

>>> So what makes ours different >>>

Like most on the market, we have used a combination of chemically resistant HDPE (High-Density Poly Ethylene) bottles, but we have ensured that only brass fittings and internals have been used to ensure performance and longevity. We have also made sure that the orifice which controls the air/mix ratio is robust stainless steel.

The bottle comes branded and with accurate measurements, and the density of the foam is easily controlled with the bright yellow dial.

We recommend opening it fully and turning back 1/2 a turn for a beautifully thick foam which gives the best combination of density and dwell. Too much foam can be too heavy and fall off as quickly as a thin foam which doesn't allow the desired dwell.

And when it comes to making sure it fits your machine we have that covered too, with fittings available for all the most common machines. Simply select your attachment from the drop-down menu and add it to your basket.

Please make sure you pick the correct attachment for your washer. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out and we will guide you as best as possible.

>>> How to use >>>

Measurements will vary slightly depending on machines and flow rates, but we would advise you to start with 200ml UltraFoam to 800ml of water and work from there making it slightly stronger or weaker based on your experience.

Fill water first, filling above the 'm' and bottom of the conical flask in our logo, and then add in the UltraFoam. This will ensure that the correct quantity of UltraFoam is used. Adding the foam before the water can make it 'sud-up' in the bottle. Screw into the lance and give a shake to mix the solution before applying to your car.

When you have finished with the lance, we recommend you unscrew the bottle and run water through your foam cannon to ensure that the delicate mesh filter and injector are kept clean.



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