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Rawhide Leather Cleaner

Rawhide is our pH balanced leather cleaner, specifically designed to gently remove  grime and surface contamination from modern leather materials.
Rawhide is suited to all leather surfaces, and is ideal for use on all leather finishes including the soft nappa leathers.
Rawhide quickly and safely penetrates the pores of the leather drawing out deeply ingrained dirt with the most minimal of effort. Testing has also shown it to be super effective at removing dye transfer from denim onto lighter leather finishes, and is also suited for use in modern suites of furniture making it a truly versatile safe cleaner capable of competing with any product available.

Directions for use:
On delicate nappa leathers test a small inconspicuous area. If no dye-transfer occurs it is safe to continue.
For lightly soiled seats spray directly onto the leather and clean using a microfibre, before flipping and drying it off.
For heavier soiled areas, spray Rawhide directly onto the leather and then agitate with a soft bristled brush (like the Wheel Woolies leather and upholstery brush) to loosen the dirt. Once the grime has been loosened, remove the contaminants with a clean general purpose microfibre.





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