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Exterior Collection

Listed are all the products required for cleaning and maintaining the exterior of your vehicle.

The range is optimised, beginning with deep cleaning tasks introducing products like Tarminator and Purge - used for the removal of tar and fallout; moving onto pre washing with our non caustic Articulate Traffic Film Remover (TFR), foaming with our pH neutral snow foam, and washing with the luxurious slick Gleam + available in cherry cola and grape fragrances

After the cleaning and prep work comes the gloss, and this is catered for with UltraGloss - our spray wax suitable for use after every wash to Hybrid - our revolutionary quick detailing product which is giving beading, sheeting and a long lasting deep slick gloss that needs to be seen to be believed!

We offer two tyre dressings - UltraSlick and UltraSheen. As their names suggest, UltraSlick gives a deeper, glossier finish, with UltraSheen providing a clean fresh satin finish.

Finally, our newest product to the exterior range is HydraClean - a hydrophobic glass cleaning product which not only leaves exterior glass crystal clean, but causes water to bead off from 30mph

like our friends in PMG say - #CleanseReviveProtectDrive

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