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Anti Moss

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  • Anti Moss controls moss, lichen and algae and safely removes deposits from walls, driveways, brick pavers, greenhouses etc.
  • Anti moss can be safely used on nearly all surfaces including tarmac driveways. Anti moss is safe to use - it will not burn like harsh acids or alkalis. It will not stain even the lightest wall, and is fungicidal and algicidal which gives a complete kill.
  • Coverage is dependent on how heavy moss deposits are but as a general rule of thumb, 1 litre of anti moss diluted in 8 litres of water will cover:
  • Light deposits - 35 - 45m2 Medium deposits - 20 - 35 m2 Heavy deposits - 10 - 15 m2


Moss should be as dry as possible, ideally with 3 - 5 days drying since last rainfall. .

Simply spray or hose solution onto affected areas and leave. Moss will turn brown and die, usually within 7 - 10 days, and will eventually disappear

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