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AVA Pressure Wash Gun Zero Force - Refurbished Replacement

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If you have frost damage or the gun leaks heavily, and you aren't confident with fixing it yourself, we offer a refurbishment service.

Simply send us your gun and we will send you a refurbished one out with the upgraded aluminium internals!


The AVA Pressure Washer Gun with a “Zero-Force” trigger makes cleaning easier when standing on ladders, around the car, and in narrow places. As the name suggests, this gun has a Zero-Force trigger which ensures minimal strains on your hand while cleaning. With up to 90% less force required, you can hold the trigger with just one finger!


The gun can be used with many pressure washers such as Nilfisk, Black&Decker, Bosch, Stihl, Husqvarna, Makita, and of course all AVA pressure washers (up to 160 bar).




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