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Soft Wash - Professional use Biocide

Product image 1Soft Wash - Professional use Biocide
Product image 2Soft Wash - Professional use Biocide
Product image 3Soft Wash - Professional use Biocide

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General Information

Soft Wash is a water based, highly concentrated biocide for use on exterior hard surfaces for the control of:

  • Algae & Fungi 
  • Lichen
  • Mildew
  • Bacteria

It is acid free, bleach free and perfect for cleaning exterior surfaces including but not limited to:

  • Coloured Render (K Rend)
  • Decking and fencing
  • Concrete and Paving
  • Roofs
  • Brickwork
  • Moss from tarmac driveways

What is softwash?

Softwash is a fully licensed, powerful “Professional Use Only” Biocide which gives a soft and gentle treatment that kills organic growth and disinfects without damaging surfaces or the environment. The high quality active ingredient of 50% DDAC content is the maximum strength government approved Biocide available on the market. It has the benefit of a low environmental footprint and biodegrades quickly. Once dry, the Solution is PH neutral and safe for your pets. 8 times stronger than off the shelf biocides, and 25% stronger than the market leading AlgoClear Pro

Directions for Use

Ideally you need 1 dry day before application and 1 day after application. Remember though that as soon as it is has dried following application it is safe for pets as well as you; and as there are no bleaches used, transfer of product to carpets etc. is eliminated 

Dilute product 50 parts water to 1 part chemical, and apply via sprayer with as long. a nozzle as possible or watering can etc.

Simply spray or hose solution onto affected areas and leave. Cleaning time will depend on the type of biofilm and the biological loads present, but typically 2 - 3 days will show a massive difference.


Precautions & PPE

Softwash is 8 times stronger than off the shelf biocides available so extreme caution must be taken when using it, and 25% stronger than AlgoClear Pro

You must, at a minimum, wear face protection (including eye protection), gloves, long sleeves and trousers.

In case of contact with any of your person rinse immediately and thoroughly with plenty of water.


Fully Approved in Ireland under PCS No: 98068 • Fully Approved in the UK under HSE No: 10003 • REACH Compliant

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