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UltraWaffle - Ultimate Glass Drying Towel

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The UltraWaffle has a very high absorption rate and is used for the removal of excess water after washing.

The huge 80 x 60 UltraWaffle is both super soft and super absorbent, and drying time is very fast with zero marring on the paintwork.

Waffle cloths are a traditional cloth that has a proven track record for many years. Using new technologies and materials, the UltraWaffle is made from a super soft microfibre material with a 30% Polyamide content, and this cloth can be used to dry off any surface quickly and effectively.

Once it is wet then simply wring out any excess water and continue. 

It is also phenomenal for use on interior and exterior glass leaving perfectly clean, streak free results when combined with Clearview or HydraClean

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